_stg_model Struct Reference
[Internals - not intended for the libstage end user]

#include <stage_internal.h>

Data Fields

stg_id_t id
char * token
int type
GPtrArray * children
GData * props
GData * figs
int child_type_count [256]
int subs
stg_msec_t interval
stg_msec_t interval_elapsed
stg_bool_t disabled
stg_model_initializer_t initializer
func_startup_t f_startup
func_shutdown_t f_shutdown
func_update_t f_update
func_load_t f_load
func_save_t f_save
pthread_mutex_t mutex

Field Documentation

stg_id_t _stg_model::id

stg_world_t* _stg_model::world

char* _stg_model::token

int _stg_model::type

struct _stg_model* _stg_model::parent

GPtrArray* _stg_model::children

GData* _stg_model::props

GData* _stg_model::figs

int _stg_model::child_type_count[256]

int _stg_model::subs

stg_msec_t _stg_model::interval

stg_msec_t _stg_model::interval_elapsed

stg_bool_t _stg_model::disabled

stg_model_initializer_t _stg_model::initializer

func_startup_t _stg_model::f_startup

func_shutdown_t _stg_model::f_shutdown

func_update_t _stg_model::f_update

func_load_t _stg_model::f_load

func_save_t _stg_model::f_save

pthread_mutex_t _stg_model::mutex

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