_stg_world Struct Reference
[Internals - not intended for the libstage end user]

#include <stage_internal.h>

Data Fields

stg_id_t id
GHashTable * models
GHashTable * models_by_name
stg_meters_t width
stg_meters_t height
int child_type_count [256]
char * token
stg_msec_t sim_time
stg_msec_t sim_interval
stg_msec_t wall_interval
stg_msec_t wall_last_update
stg_msec_t real_interval_measured
double ppm
gboolean paused
gboolean destroy
int subs

Field Documentation

stg_id_t _stg_world::id

Stage's unique identifier for this world.

GHashTable* _stg_world::models

the models that make up the world, indexed by id

GHashTable* _stg_world::models_by_name

the models that make up the world, indexed by name

stg_meters_t _stg_world::width

x size of the world

stg_meters_t _stg_world::height

y size of the world

int _stg_world::child_type_count[256]

the number of models of each type is counted so we can automatically generate names for them

struct _stg_matrix* _stg_world::matrix

occupancy quadtree for model raytracing

char* _stg_world::token

the name of this world

stg_msec_t _stg_world::sim_time

the current time in this world

stg_msec_t _stg_world::sim_interval

this much simulated time elapses each step.

stg_msec_t _stg_world::wall_interval

real-time interval between updates - set this to zero for 'as fast as possible'

stg_msec_t _stg_world::wall_last_update

the wall-clock time of the last update

stg_msec_t _stg_world::real_interval_measured

the wallclock-time interval elapsed between the last two updates - compare this with sim_interval to see the ratio of sim to real time

double _stg_world::ppm

the resolution of the world model in pixels per meter

gboolean _stg_world::paused

the world only updates when this is zero

gboolean _stg_world::destroy

this world should be destroyed ASAP

gui_window_t* _stg_world::win

the gui window associated with this world

int _stg_world::subs

the total number of subscriptions to all models

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