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Stage simulates a 'world' composed of models, defined in a 'world file'.

Worldfile properties

Summary and default values
   name            "[filename of worldfile]"
   interval_real   100
   interval_sim    100
   resolution      0.01

  • name [string]
    • the name of the world, as displayed in the window title bar. Defaults to the worldfile file name.
  • interval_sim [milliseconds]
    • the length of each simulation update cycle in milliseconds.
  • interval_real [milliseconds]
    • the amount of real-world (wall-clock) time the siulator will attempt to spend on each simulation cycle.
  • resolution [meters]
    • specifies the resolution of the underlying bitmap model. Larger values speed up raytracing at the expense of fidelity in collision detection and sensing.
More examples
The Stage source distribution contains several example world files in (stage src)/worlds along with the worldfile properties described on the manual page for each model type.

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