SegwayRMP400 Class Reference

SegwayRMP400 Position Driver. More...

#include <segwayrmp400.h>

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Detailed Description

SegwayRMP400 Position Driver.

Private Attributes

Devicesegwayrmp2d [2]
 child segwayrmp200 devices for 2d subsrciption
Devicesegwayrmp3d [2]
 child segwayrmp200 devices for 3d subsrciption
player_devaddr_t segwayrmp2d_id [2]
 2d Position Interface Address (Output)
player_devaddr_t segwayrmp3d_id [2]
 3d Position Interface Address (Output)
player_devaddr_t position3d_id
 3d Position Interface Address (Input)
player_devaddr_t position2d_id
 2d Position Interface Address (Input)
player_position2d_data_t rmp2d_data [2]
 Incoming data from child segwayrmp200 devices 2d.
player_position3d_data_t rmp3d_data [2]
 Incoming data from child segwayrmp200 devices 3d.
player_position2d_data_t position2d_data
 Output data for parent segwayrmp400 device 2d.
player_position2d_cmd_vel_t position2d_cmd
 Output cmd for parent segwayrmp400 device 2d.
player_position3d_data_t position3d_data
 Output data for parent segwayrmp400 device 3d.
player_position3d_cmd_vel_t position3d_cmd
 Output cmd for parent segwayrmp400 device 3d.
bool provide_2d
 Provide 2d interface Flag.
bool provide_3d
 Provide 3d interface Flag.
int counter
bool newfront3d
 Flags for new data.
bool newback3d
bool newfront2d
bool newback2d
bool fullspeed
 Flag for full speed data reporting.
 SegwayRMP400 (ConfigFile *cf, int section)
 Standard Constructor.
virtual int MainSetup ()
 Initialize (Player Standard)
virtual void MainQuit ()
 Shutdown (Player Standard)
void Main ()
int ProcessMessage (QueuePointer &resp_queue, player_msghdr_t *hdr, void *data)
 Process message function (Player Standard)
void ProcessData ()
 Packages position data and publishes.
int HandlePosition3DCmd (player_position3d_cmd_vel_t *cmd)
 Internal method to handle position 3D commands.
int HandlePosition2DCmd (player_position2d_cmd_vel_t *cmd)
 Internal method to handle position 2D commands.

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