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Collaboration diagram for imu:

Detailed Description

The imu proxy provides an interface to an Inertial Measurement Unit.


struct  playerc_imu_t
 IMU proxy state data. More...


playerc_imu_tplayerc_imu_create (playerc_client_t *client, int index)
 Create a imu proxy.
void playerc_imu_destroy (playerc_imu_t *device)
 Destroy a imu proxy.
int playerc_imu_subscribe (playerc_imu_t *device, int access)
 Subscribe to the imu device.
int playerc_imu_unsubscribe (playerc_imu_t *device)
 Un-subscribe from the imu device.
int playerc_imu_datatype (playerc_imu_t *device, int value)
 Change the data type to one of the predefined data structures.
int playerc_imu_reset_orientation (playerc_imu_t *device, int value)
 Reset orientation.

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