Message types
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The Player message types.

 A data message.
 A command message.
 A request message.
 A positive response message.
 A synch message.
 A negative response message.

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A negative response message.

Such messages are published in response to a PLAYER_MSGTYPE_REQ. This messages indicates that the underlying driver did not process the message. Possible causes include: the driver's message queue was full, the driver failed to interpret the request, or the the driver does not support the request. This message will have no data in the body.

Definition at line 121 of file player.h.

Referenced by SegwayRMP::HandlePositionConfig(), ToRanger::ProcessMessage(), LifoMCom::ProcessMessage(), LaserTransform::ProcessMessage(), Khepera::ProcessMessage(), and ER::ProcessMessage().


A synch message.

Only used in PLAYER_DATAMODE_PULL mode. Sent at the end of the set of messages that are sent in response to a PLAYER_PLAYER_REQ_DATA request.

Definition at line 113 of file player.h.

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