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Detailed Description

Three-dimensional graphics interface.

The graphics3d interface provides an interface to graphics devices. Drivers can implement this interface to provide clients and other drivers with graphics output.

The interface uses an openGL style of command where a type is specified along with a series of verticies. The interpretation depends on the command type

Graphics items should be accumulated until an explicit clear command is issued

 Command subtype: clear the drawing area (send an empty message).
 Command subtype: draw items.
 Command subtype: translate coordinate system.
 Command subtype: rotate coordinate system.
 Command subtype: push current coordinate system onto stack.
 Command subtype: pop coordinate system from stack to become current.
enum  player_graphics3d_draw_mode {
 Drawmode: enumeration that defines the drawing mode.
typedef enum player_graphics3d_draw_mode player_graphics3d_draw_mode_t
 Drawmode: enumeration that defines the drawing mode.
typedef player_graphics3d_cmd_draw player_graphics3d_cmd_draw_t
 Command: Draw points (PLAYER_GRAPHICS3D_CMD_POINTS) Draw some points.
typedef player_graphics3d_cmd_translate player_graphics3d_cmd_translate_t
 Command: Translate coordinate system (PLAYER_GRAPHICS3D_CMD_TRANSLATE) Translate the current coordinate system.
typedef player_graphics3d_cmd_rotate player_graphics3d_cmd_rotate_t
 Command: Rotate coordinate system (PLAYER_GRAPHICS3D_CMD_ROTATE) Rotate the current coordinate system by a given angle around the given vector.

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