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Collaboration diagram for camera:

Detailed Description

Camera imagery.

The camera interface is used to see what the camera sees. It is intended primarily for server-side (i.e., driver-to-driver) data transfers, rather than server-to-client transfers. Image data can be in may formats (see below), but is always packed (i.e., pixel rows are byte-aligned).

 Image format : 8-bit monochrome.
 Image format : 16-bit monochrome (network byte order).
 Image format : 16-bit color (5 bits R, 6 bits G, 5 bits B).
 Image format : 24-bit color (8 bits R, 8 bits G, 8 bits B).
 Compression method: raw.
 Compression method: jpeg.
typedef player_camera_data player_camera_data_t

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