This is a low level safety 'driver' that temporarily disables velocity commands if a laser range is detected within a specified safe distance. It sits on top of laser and position2d devices.

The general concept of this device is to not do much, but to provide a last line of defense in the case that higher level drivers or client software fails in its object avoidance. When the laser scanner detects an obstacle within the safe distance, it will prevent the robot from moving either forwards or backwards (depending on which way the laser scanner is facing). For example, if the laser scanner is facing forwards and it detects an obstacle, the robot will only be able to back away, not continue forwards into the obstacle.

Compile-time dependencies



Configuration requests

Configuration file options

TODO: Make driver more advanced so that it can find the laser's pose and allow movement in the opposite direction to the way the laser is pointing.

  name "lasersafe"
  provides ["position2d:0"]
  requires ["position2d:1" "laser:0"]
  safedistance 0.3
  step 10
  history 1

Toby Collett, Geoffrey Biggs

Last updated 12 September 2005 21:38:45