Stg::BlockGroup Class Reference

#include <stage.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void AppendBlock (Block *block)
void AppendTouchingModels (ModelPtrSet &touchers)
 BlockGroup ()
void CalcSize ()
void CallDisplayList (Model *mod)
void Clear ()
void DrawFootPrint (const Geom &geom)
void DrawSolid (const Geom &geom)
uint32_t GetCount ()
const stg_point3_tGetOffset ()
const SizeGetSize ()
void InvalidateModelPointCache ()
void LoadBitmap (Model *mod, const std::string &bitmapfile, Worldfile *wf)
void LoadBlock (Model *mod, Worldfile *wf, int entity)
void Map ()
void Rasterize (uint8_t *data, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, stg_meters_t cellwidth, stg_meters_t cellheight)
void SwitchToTestedCells ()
ModelTestCollision ()
void UnMap ()
 ~BlockGroup ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BlockGroup::BlockGroup (  ) 
BlockGroup::~BlockGroup (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void BlockGroup::AppendBlock ( Block block  ) 
void BlockGroup::AppendTouchingModels ( ModelPtrSet touchers  ) 

deletes all blocks from the group

void BlockGroup::CalcSize (  ) 

Establish the min and max of all the blocks, so we can scale this group later.

void BlockGroup::CallDisplayList ( Model mod  ) 
void BlockGroup::Clear (  ) 
void BlockGroup::DrawFootPrint ( const Geom geom  ) 

Draw the projection of the block onto the z=0 plane.

void BlockGroup::DrawSolid ( const Geom geom  ) 

Draw the block in OpenGL as a solid single color.

uint32_t Stg::BlockGroup::GetCount (  )  [inline]
const stg_point3_t& Stg::BlockGroup::GetOffset (  )  [inline]
const Size& Stg::BlockGroup::GetSize (  )  [inline]
void Stg::BlockGroup::InvalidateModelPointCache (  )  [inline]
void BlockGroup::LoadBitmap ( Model mod,
const std::string &  bitmapfile,
Worldfile wf 
void BlockGroup::LoadBlock ( Model mod,
Worldfile wf,
int  entity 
void BlockGroup::Map (  ) 
void BlockGroup::Rasterize ( uint8_t *  data,
unsigned int  width,
unsigned int  height,
stg_meters_t  cellwidth,
stg_meters_t  cellheight 
void BlockGroup::SwitchToTestedCells (  ) 
Model * BlockGroup::TestCollision (  ) 

Returns a pointer to the first model detected to be colliding with a block in this group, or NULL, if none are detected.

void BlockGroup::UnMap (  ) 

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