The audio proxy provides access to drivers supporting the audio . More...

Detailed Description

The audio proxy provides access to drivers supporting the audio .

See the Player User Manual for a complete description of the drivers that support this interface.


struct  playerc_audio_t
 Audio device data. More...


PLAYERC_EXPORT playerc_audio_tplayerc_audio_create (playerc_client_t *client, int index)
 Create an audio proxy.
PLAYERC_EXPORT void playerc_audio_destroy (playerc_audio_t *device)
 Destroy an audio proxy.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_subscribe (playerc_audio_t *device, int access)
 Subscribe to the audio device.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_unsubscribe (playerc_audio_t *device)
 Un-subscribe from the audio device.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_wav_play_cmd (playerc_audio_t *device, uint32_t data_count, uint8_t data[], uint32_t format)
 Command to play an audio block.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_wav_stream_rec_cmd (playerc_audio_t *device, uint8_t state)
 Command to set recording state.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_sample_play_cmd (playerc_audio_t *device, int index)
 Command to play prestored sample.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_seq_play_cmd (playerc_audio_t *device, player_audio_seq_t *tones)
 Command to play sequence of tones.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_mixer_multchannels_cmd (playerc_audio_t *device, player_audio_mixer_channel_list_t *levels)
 Command to set mixer levels for multiple channels.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_mixer_channel_cmd (playerc_audio_t *device, uint32_t index, float amplitude, uint8_t active)
 Command to set mixer levels for a single channel.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_wav_rec (playerc_audio_t *device)
 Request to record a single audio block Value is returned into wav_data, block length is determined by device.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_sample_load (playerc_audio_t *device, int index, uint32_t data_count, uint8_t data[], uint32_t format)
 Request to load an audio sample.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_sample_retrieve (playerc_audio_t *device, int index)
 Request to retrieve an audio sample Data is stored in wav_data.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_sample_rec (playerc_audio_t *device, int index, uint32_t length)
 Request to record new sample.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_get_mixer_levels (playerc_audio_t *device)
 Request mixer channel data result is stored in mixer_data.
PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_get_mixer_details (playerc_audio_t *device)
 Request mixer channel details list result is stored in channel_details_list.

Function Documentation

PLAYERC_EXPORT playerc_audio_t* playerc_audio_create ( playerc_client_t client,
int  index 

Create an audio proxy.

PLAYERC_EXPORT void playerc_audio_destroy ( playerc_audio_t device)

Destroy an audio proxy.

PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_subscribe ( playerc_audio_t device,
int  access 

Subscribe to the audio device.

PLAYERC_EXPORT int playerc_audio_unsubscribe ( playerc_audio_t device)

Un-subscribe from the audio device.