player_laser_set_filter_config Struct Reference

#include <player_interfaces.h>

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Detailed Description

Request/reply: Set filter settings.

Send a PLAYER_LASER_REQ_SET_FILTER request to set the laser's internal filter parameters (assuming your hardware supports it). Currently the finally settings can be applied to the SICK LMS400: a) median filter - PLAYER_LASER_FILTER_MEDIAN, no parameters b) edge filter - PLAYER_LASER_FILTER_EDGE, no parameters c) range filter - PLAYER_LASER_FILTER_RANGE p1 = BottomLimit (700-3000 in mm), p2 = TopLimit (700-3000 in mm) d) mean filter - PLAYER_LASER_FILTER_MEAN p1 = number of means (2-200)

Note: You can combine the filters as required. If several filters are active, then the filters act one after the other on the result of the previous filter. The processing in this case follows the following sequence: edge filter, median filter, range filter, mean filter.

Definition at line 2649 of file player_interfaces.h.

Public Attributes

uint8_t filter_type
 Filter type.
uint32_t parameters_count
 The number of filter parameters.
 Filter parameters.

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