player_laser_config Struct Reference

#include <player_interfaces.h>

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Detailed Description

Request/reply: Get/set scan properties.

The scan configuration (resolution, aperture, etc) can be queried by sending a null PLAYER_LASER_REQ_GET_CONFIG request and modified by sending a PLAYER_LASER_REQ_SET_CONFIG request. In either case, the current configuration (after attempting any requested modification) will be returned in the response. Read the documentation for your driver to determine what configuration values are permissible.

Definition at line 2594 of file player_interfaces.h.

Public Attributes

float min_angle
 Start and end angles for the laser scan [rad].
float max_angle
 Start and end angles for the laser scan [rad].
float resolution
 Scan resolution [rad].
float max_range
 Maximum range [m].
float range_res
 Range Resolution [m].
uint8_t intensity
 Enable reflection intensity data.
float scanning_frequency
 Scanning frequency [Hz].

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