player_gripper_geom Struct Reference

#include <player_interfaces.h>

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Detailed Description

Request/reply: get geometry.

The geometry (pose, outer size and inner size) of the gripper device can be queried by sending a null PLAYER_GRIPPER_REQ_GET_GEOM request.

Definition at line 2389 of file player_interfaces.h.

Public Attributes

player_pose3d_t pose
 Gripper pose, in robot cs (m, m, m, rad, rad, rad).
player_bbox3d_t outer_size
 Outside dimensions of gripper (m, m, m).
player_bbox3d_t inner_size
 Inside dimensions of gripper, i.e.
uint8_t num_beams
 Number of breakbeams the gripper has.
uint8_t capacity
 Capacity for storing objects - if 0, then the gripper can't store.

Member Data Documentation

Inside dimensions of gripper, i.e.

the size of the space between the fingers when they are fully open (m, m, m)

Definition at line 2397 of file player_interfaces.h.

Referenced by P2OS::HandleConfig().

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