player_device_req Struct Reference

#include <player_interfaces.h>

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Detailed Description

Request/reply: (un)subscribe to a device.

This is the most important request! Before interacting with a device, the client must request appropriate access. Valid access modes are:

To request access, send a PLAYER_PLAYER_REQ_DEV request that specifies the desired device address in the addr field and the desired access mode in access. Set driver_name_count to 0 and leave driver_name empty. The response will indicate the granted access in the access field and the name of the underyling driver in the driver_name field. Note that the granted access may not be the same as the requested access (e.g., if initialization of the driver failed).

Definition at line 707 of file player_interfaces.h.

Public Attributes

player_devaddr_t addr
 Address of the device.
uint8_t access
 The requested / granted access.
uint32_t driver_name_count
 Length of driver name.
 The name of the underlying driver.

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