UBotRobotParams_t Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file reb_params.h.

Public Attributes

char * Class
char * Subclass
int32_t MaxVelocity
int32_t MaxRVelocity
int32_t RobotRadius
int32_t RobotAxleLength
double PulsesPerMM
int32_t PulsesPerMMF
double MMPerPulses
int32_t MMPerPulsesF
double PulsesPerMMMS
int32_t PulsesPerMMMSF
double MMPerPulsesMS
int32_t MMPerPulsesMSF
uint16_t NumberIRSensors
int16_t ir_pose [PLAYER_IR_MAX_SAMPLES][3]
uint16_t pos_kp
uint16_t pos_ki
uint16_t pos_kd

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