RobotParams_t Struct Reference

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Definition at line 35 of file erratic/robot_params.h.

Public Attributes

double AngleConvFactor
const char * Class
double DiffConvFactor
double DistConvFactor
int FrontBumpers
double GyroScaler
int HasMoveCommand
int Holonomic
int IRNum
int IRUnit
int LaserFlipped
const char * LaserIgnore
const char * LaserPort
int LaserPossessed
int LaserPowerControlled
int LaserTh
int LaserX
int LaserY
int MaxRVelocity
int MaxVelocity
int NewTableSensingIR
int NumFrontBumpers
int NumRearBumpers
double RangeConvFactor
int RearBumpers
int RequestEncoderPackets
int RequestIOPackets
int RobotDiagonal
int RobotLength
int RobotRadius
int RobotWidth
int RobotAxleOffset
int RotAccel
int RotDecel
int RotVelMax
int SettableAccsDecs
int SettableVelMaxes
const char * Subclass
int SwitchToBaudRate
int TableSensingIR
int TransAccel
int TransDecel
int TransVelMax
int Vel2Divisor
double VelConvFactor
int NumSonars
player_pose3d_t sonar_pose [32]
int NumIR
player_pose3d_t IRPose [8]
const char * Class
const char * LaserIgnore
const char * LaserPort
int SonarNum
const char * Subclass
sonar_pose_t sonar_pose [32]
bumper_def_t bumper_geom [32]

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