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Detailed Description

The vectormap proxy provides an interface to a map of geometric features.


struct  playerc_vectormap_t
 Vectormap proxy. More...


playerc_vectormap_tplayerc_vectormap_create (playerc_client_t *client, int index)
 Create a vectormap proxy.
void playerc_vectormap_destroy (playerc_vectormap_t *device)
 Destroy a vectormap proxy.
int playerc_vectormap_subscribe (playerc_vectormap_t *device, int access)
 Subscribe to the vectormap device.
int playerc_vectormap_unsubscribe (playerc_vectormap_t *device)
 Un-subscribe from the vectormap device.
int playerc_vectormap_get_map_info (playerc_vectormap_t *device)
 Get the vectormap metadata, which is stored in the proxy.
int playerc_vectormap_get_layer_data (playerc_vectormap_t *device, unsigned layer_index)
 Get the layer data by index.
int playerc_vectormap_write_layer (playerc_vectormap_t *device, const player_vectormap_layer_data_t *data)
 Write layer data.
void playerc_vectormap_cleanup (playerc_vectormap_t *device)
 Clean up the dynamically allocated memory for the vectormap.
GEOSGeom playerc_vectormap_get_feature_data (playerc_vectormap_t *device, unsigned layer_index, unsigned feature_index)
 Get an individual feature as a geos geometry.

Function Documentation

GEOSGeom playerc_vectormap_get_feature_data ( playerc_vectormap_t device,
unsigned  layer_index,
unsigned  feature_index 

Get an individual feature as a geos geometry.

Must only be used after a successful call to playerc_vectormap_get_layer_data. The geos geometry is owned by the proxy, duplicate it if it is needed after the next call to get_feature_data. Non-reentrant.

int playerc_vectormap_get_layer_data ( playerc_vectormap_t device,
unsigned  layer_index 

Get the layer data by index.

Must only be used after a successfull call to playerc_vectormap_get_map_info.

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