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Detailed Description

Access and update geometric features in a map.


Vectormap is an interface which provides access to geometric features in a map. A vectormap contains a set of layers, each of which can hold a set of features.

This interface attempts to adhere to the OGC standard, an open standard for representing maps.

/TODO: Add more documentation describing OGC standard.

For more information about OGC see For more information about GEOS see

 Request/reply subtype: get vectormap meta-data.
 Request/reply subtype: get layer data.
 Request/reply subtype: write layer data.
typedef player_vectormap_feature_data player_vectormap_feature_data_t
 Vectormap feature data.
typedef player_vectormap_layer_info player_vectormap_layer_info_t
 Request/reply subtype: get vectormap meta-data.
typedef player_vectormap_layer_data player_vectormap_layer_data_t
 Vectormap data.
typedef player_vectormap_info player_vectormap_info_t
 Vectormap info.

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