PlayerTCP Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 120 of file playertcp.h.

Public Member Functions

int Listen (int *ports, int num_ports, int *new_ports=NULL)
int Listen (int port)
QueuePointer AddClient (struct sockaddr_in *cliaddr, unsigned int local_host, unsigned int local_port, int newsock, bool send_banner, int *kill_flag, bool have_lock)
int Update (int timeout)
int Accept (int timeout)
void Close (int cli)
int ReadClient (int cli)
int ReadClient (QueuePointer q)
int Read (int timeout, bool have_lock)
int Write (bool have_lock)
int WriteClient (int cli)
void DeleteClients ()
void ParseBuffer (int cli)
int HandlePlayerMessage (int cli, Message *msg)
void DeleteClient (QueuePointer &q, bool have_lock)
bool Listening (int port)
uint32_t GetHost ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitGlobals (void)

Public Attributes

pthread_t thread

Private Member Functions

void Lock ()
void Unlock ()

Private Attributes

uint32_t host
int num_listeners
playertcp_listener * listeners
pollfd * listen_ufds
pthread_mutex_t clients_mutex
int size_clients
int num_clients
playertcp_conn * clients
pollfd * client_ufds
char * decode_readbuffer
 Buffer in which to store decoded incoming messages.
int decode_readbuffersize
 Total size of decode_readbuffer.

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