PlayerCc::RangerProxy Class Reference

#include <playerc++.h>

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Detailed Description

The RangerProxy class is used to control a ranger device.

Definition at line 2137 of file playerc++.h.

Public Member Functions

 RangerProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint32_t aIndex=0)
 ~RangerProxy ()
uint32_t GetSensorCount () const
 Return the individual range sensor count.
player_pose3d_t GetDevicePose () const
 Return the device pose.
player_bbox3d_t GetDeviceSize () const
 Return the device size.
player_pose3d_t GetSensorPose (uint32_t aIndex) const
 Return the pose of an individual sensor.
player_bbox3d_t GetSensorSize (uint32_t aIndex) const
 Return the size of an individual sensor.
uint32_t GetRangeCount () const
 Return the number of range readings.
double GetRange (uint32_t aIndex) const
 Get a range reading.
double operator[] (uint32_t aIndex) const
 Operator to get a range reading.
uint32_t GetIntensityCount () const
 Return the number of intensity readings.
double GetIntensity (uint32_t aIndex) const
 Get an intensity reading.
void SetPower (bool aEnable)
 Turn the device power on or off.
void SetIntensityData (bool aEnable)
 Turn intensity data on or off.
void RequestGeom ()
 Request the ranger geometry.
void Configure (double aMinAngle, double aMaxAngle, double aResolution, double aMaxRange, double aRangeRes, double aFrequency)
 Configure the ranger scan pattern.
void RequestConfigure ()
 Get the current ranger configuration; it is read into the relevant class attributes.
double GetMinAngle () const
 Start angle of a scan (configured value).
double GetMaxAngle () const
 Stop angle of a scan (configured value).
double GetResolution () const
 Angular resolution of a scan (configured value).
double GetMaxRange () const
 Maximum detectable range of a scan (configured value).
double GetRangeRes () const
 Linear resolution (configured value).
double GetFrequency () const
 Scanning frequency (configured value).

Private Member Functions

void Subscribe (uint32_t aIndex)
void Unsubscribe ()

Private Attributes


Member Function Documentation

void PlayerCc::RangerProxy::SetPower ( bool  aEnable  ) 

Turn the device power on or off.

Set state to true to enable, false to disable.

void PlayerCc::RangerProxy::SetIntensityData ( bool  aEnable  ) 

Turn intensity data on or off.

Set state to true to enable, false to disable.

void PlayerCc::RangerProxy::Configure ( double  aMinAngle,
double  aMaxAngle,
double  aResolution,
double  aMaxRange,
double  aRangeRes,
double  aFrequency 

Configure the ranger scan pattern.

Angles aMinAngle and aMaxAngle are measured in radians. aResolution is measured in radians. aMaxRange and aRangeRes is measured in metres. aFrequency is measured in Hz.

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