PlayerCc::AudioProxy Class Reference

#include <playerc++.h>

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Detailed Description

The AudioProxy class controls an audio device.

Definition at line 233 of file playerc++.h.

Public Member Functions

 AudioProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint32_t aIndex=0)
uint32_t GetMixerDetailsCount () const
 Get Mixer Details Count.
player_audio_mixer_channel_detail_t GetMixerDetails (int aIndex) const
 Get Mixer Detail.
uint32_t GetDefaultOutputChannel () const
 Get Default output Channel.
uint32_t GetDefaultInputChannel () const
 Get Default input Channel.
uint32_t GetWavDataLength () const
 Get Wav data length.
void GetWavData (uint8_t *aData) const
 Get Wav data This function copies the wav data into the buffer aImage.
uint32_t GetSeqCount () const
 Get Seq data count.
player_audio_seq_item_t GetSeqItem (int aIndex) const
 Get Sequence item.
uint32_t GetChannelCount () const
 Get Channel data count.
player_audio_mixer_channel_t GetChannel (int aIndex) const
 Get Sequence item.
uint32_t GetState (void) const
 Get driver state.
void PlayWav (uint32_t aDataCount, uint8_t *aData, uint32_t aFormat)
 Command to play an audio block.
void SetWavStremRec (bool aState)
 Command to set recording state.
void PlaySample (int aIndex)
 Command to play prestored sample.
void PlaySeq (player_audio_seq_t *aTones)
 Command to play sequence of tones.
void SetMultMixerLevels (player_audio_mixer_channel_list_t *aLevels)
 Command to set multiple mixer levels.
void SetMixerLevel (uint32_t index, float amplitude, uint8_t active)
 Command to set a single mixer level.
void RecordWav ()
 Request to record a single audio block result is stored in wav_data.
void LoadSample (int aIndex, uint32_t aDataCount, uint8_t *aData, uint32_t aFormat)
 Request to load an audio sample.
void GetSample (int aIndex)
 Request to retrieve an audio sample Data is stored in wav_data.
void RecordSample (int aIndex, uint32_t aLength)
 Request to record new sample.
void GetMixerLevels ()
 Request mixer channel data result is stored in mixer_data.
void GetMixerDetails ()
 Request mixer channel details list result is stored in channel_details_list.

Private Member Functions

void Subscribe (uint32_t aIndex)
void Unsubscribe ()

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Member Function Documentation

void PlayerCc::AudioProxy::GetWavData ( uint8_t *  aData  )  const [inline]

Get Wav data This function copies the wav data into the buffer aImage.

The buffer should be allocated according to the length of the wav data The size can be found by calling GetWavDataLength().

Definition at line 264 of file playerc++.h.

References player_audio_wav::data, PlayerCc::ClientProxy::GetVarByRef(), GetWavDataLength(), mDevice, and playerc_audio_t::wav_data.

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