MessageReplaceRule Class Reference

#include <message.h>

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Detailed Description

We keep a singly-linked list of (addr,type,subtype,replace) tuples.

When a new message comes in, we check its (addr,type,subtype) signature against this list to find a replace rule. If its not in the list, the default rule is used: never replace config requests or replies, replace data and command msgs if the Replace flag is set.

Definition at line 231 of file message.h.

Public Member Functions

 MessageReplaceRule (int _host, int _robot, int _interf, int _index, int _type, int _subtype, int _replace)
bool Match (player_msghdr_t *hdr)
bool Equivalent (int _host, int _robot, int _interf, int _index, int _type, int _subtype)

Public Attributes

int replace

Private Attributes

int host
int robot
int interf
int index
int type
int subtype

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