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PlannerProxy Class Reference

#include <playerclient.h>

Inherits ClientProxy.

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Detailed Description

The PlannerProxy proxy provides an interface to a 2D motion planner.

Public Member Functions

 PlannerProxy (PlayerClient *pc, unsigned short index, unsigned char access='c')
virtual ~PlannerProxy ()
int SetCmdPose (double gx, double gy, double ga)
int GetWaypoints ()
int Enable (int state)
void FillData (player_msghdr_t hdr, const char *buffer)

Public Attributes

bool pathValid
bool pathDone
double px
double py
double pa
double gx
double gy
double ga
double wx
double wy
double wa
short currWaypoint
short waypointCount
double waypoints [PLAYER_PLANNER_MAX_WAYPOINTS][3]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PlannerProxy::PlannerProxy PlayerClient pc,
unsigned short  index,
unsigned char  access = 'c'

virtual PlannerProxy::~PlannerProxy  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int PlannerProxy::SetCmdPose double  gx,
double  gy,
double  ga

Set the goal pose (gx, gy, ga)

int PlannerProxy::GetWaypoints  ) 

Get the list of waypoints. Writes the result into the proxy rather than returning it to the caller.

int PlannerProxy::Enable int  state  ) 

Enable/disable the robot's motion. Set state to 1 to enable, 0 to disable.

void PlannerProxy::FillData player_msghdr_t  hdr,
const char *  buffer

All proxies must provide this method. It is used internally to parse new data when it is received.

Reimplemented from ClientProxy.

Member Data Documentation

bool PlannerProxy::pathValid

Did the planner find a valid path?

bool PlannerProxy::pathDone

Have we arrived at the goal?

double PlannerProxy::px

Current pose (m, m, radians).

double PlannerProxy::py

Current pose (m, m, radians).

double PlannerProxy::pa

Current pose (m, m, radians).

double PlannerProxy::gx

Goal location (m, m, radians)

double PlannerProxy::gy

Goal location (m, m, radians)

double PlannerProxy::ga

Goal location (m, m, radians)

double PlannerProxy::wx

Current waypoint location (m, m, radians)

double PlannerProxy::wy

Current waypoint location (m, m, radians)

double PlannerProxy::wa

Current waypoint location (m, m, radians)

short PlannerProxy::currWaypoint

Current waypoint index (handy if you already have the list of waypoints). May be negative if there's no plan, or if the plan is done

short PlannerProxy::waypointCount

Number of waypoints in the plan

double PlannerProxy::waypoints[PLAYER_PLANNER_MAX_WAYPOINTS][3]

List of waypoints in the current plan (m,m,radians).

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