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AudioMixerProxy Class Reference

#include <playerclient.h>

Inherits ClientProxy.

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Detailed Description

The AudioMixerProxy class controls an audiomixer device.

Public Member Functions

 AudioMixerProxy (PlayerClient *pc, unsigned short index, unsigned char access='c')
int GetConfigure ()
void FillData (player_msghdr_t hdr, const char *buffer)
int SetMaster (unsigned short left, unsigned short right)
int SetPCM (unsigned short left, unsigned short right)
int SetLine (unsigned short left, unsigned short right)
int SetMic (unsigned short left, unsigned short right)
int SetIGain (unsigned short gain)
int SetOGain (unsigned short gain)
void Print ()

Public Attributes

unsigned short masterLeft
unsigned short masterRight
unsigned short pcmLeft
unsigned short pcmRight
unsigned short lineLeft
unsigned short lineRight
unsigned short micLeft
unsigned short micRight
unsigned short iGain
unsigned short oGain

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AudioMixerProxy::AudioMixerProxy PlayerClient pc,
unsigned short  index,
unsigned char  access = 'c'

Constructor. Leave the access field empty to start unconnected.

Member Function Documentation

int AudioMixerProxy::GetConfigure  ) 

void AudioMixerProxy::FillData player_msghdr_t  hdr,
const char *  buffer

All proxies must provide this method. It is used internally to parse new data when it is received.

Reimplemented from ClientProxy.

int AudioMixerProxy::SetMaster unsigned short  left,
unsigned short  right

int AudioMixerProxy::SetPCM unsigned short  left,
unsigned short  right

int AudioMixerProxy::SetLine unsigned short  left,
unsigned short  right

int AudioMixerProxy::SetMic unsigned short  left,
unsigned short  right

int AudioMixerProxy::SetIGain unsigned short  gain  ) 

int AudioMixerProxy::SetOGain unsigned short  gain  ) 

void AudioMixerProxy::Print  )  [virtual]

All proxies SHOULD provide this method, which should print out, in a human-readable form, the device's current state.

Reimplemented from ClientProxy.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::masterLeft

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::masterRight

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::pcmLeft

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::pcmRight

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::lineLeft

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::lineRight

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::micLeft

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::micRight

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::iGain

unsigned short AudioMixerProxy::oGain

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