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gz_stereo_data Struct Reference

Stereo interface data. More...

#include <gazebo.h>

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Public Attributes

gz_data_t head
 Common data structure.
double time
 Data timestamp.
unsigned int width
 Image dimensions (in pixels).
unsigned int height
unsigned int left_image_size
 Left image (packed RGB888).
unsigned char left_image [GAZEBO_STEREO_MAX_RGB_SIZE]
unsigned int right_image_size
 Right image (packed RGB888).
unsigned char right_image [GAZEBO_STEREO_MAX_RGB_SIZE]
unsigned int left_disparity_size
 Left disparity image (packed float).
unsigned int right_disparity_size
 Right disparity image (packed float).
float right_disparity [GAZEBO_STEREO_MAX_DISPARITY_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Stereo interface data.

Member Data Documentation

gz_data_t gz_stereo_data::head

Common data structure.

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