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Console-mode server (gazebo)

The basic gazebo server is a console-mode application: it creates no windows and accepts no user input. The console-mode server is useful for running automated tests and batch experiments.

For an interactive GUI interface, see the documentation Interactive server (wxgazebo).

The server is run as follows:

$ gazebo [options] <worldfile>

where [options] is one or more of the following:

The server prints some diagnostic information to the console before starting the main simulation loop. Check carefully for any warnings that are printed at this stage; common warnings include:

While the simulation loop is running, basic status information is printed on the console:

Time 1.542 1.560 0.000 [1.000] 0.220 [ 14%]

These five fields specify, in order:

The server can be terminated with control-C. Errors, warnings and messages are appended by default to a file called .gazebo located in your home directory, or to the log file specified with the -l command line option.

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