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gz_guicam_data Struct Reference

Guicam interface data. More...

#include <gazebo.h>

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Public Attributes

gz_data_t head
 Common data structure.
double sim_time
 Data timestamp (simulator time).
double pause_time
double pos [3]
 True object position (x, y, x).
double rot [3]
 True object rotation (roll, pitch, yaw).
int cmd_spot_mode
 Spot mode (0 = translate; 1 = zoom; 2 = rotate).
int cmd_spot_state
 Spot state (0 = none; 1 = moving).
double cmd_spot_a [2]
 Spot transform points (image coordinates).
double cmd_spot_b [2]
int roll_lock
int display_bbox
 Display bounding boxes.
int display_axes
 Display body axes.
int display_com
 Display CoM axes.
int display_skins
 Display skins.
int display_rays
 Display sensor rays.
int display_frustrums
 Display sensor frustrums.
int display_materials
 Display materials.
int display_textures
 Display textures.
int polygon_fill
 Polygon mode: 0 = wireframe, 1 = filled.
int shade_smooth
 Shade model: 0 = flat, 1 = smooth.
int save_frames
 Save frames to disk.
unsigned int width
 Image dimensions (in pixels).
unsigned int height
unsigned char image [GAZEBO_GUICAM_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE]
 Image pixel data; format is packed RGB888.
unsigned int image_size

Detailed Description

Guicam interface data.

Member Data Documentation

gz_data_t gz_guicam_data::head

Common data structure.

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