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PlaneGeom Class Reference

Geom for an infinite plane. More...

#include <PlaneGeom.hh>

Inheritance diagram for PlaneGeom:

Geom BaseGeom List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PlaneGeom (Body *body, dSpaceID spaceId, double altitude, GzVector normal)
virtual ~PlaneGeom ()
virtual void Render (RenderOptions *opt)
 Render the geom (GL).

Detailed Description

Geom for an infinite plane.

This geom is used primarily for ground planes. Note that while the plane in infinite, only the part near the camera is drawn.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PlaneGeom::PlaneGeom Body body,
dSpaceID  spaceId,
double  altitude,
GzVector  normal


body Body to which we are attached.
spaceId Collision space to which we belong.
altitude Plane altiude (z value above global 0).
normal Normal vector to plane (global cs).

PlaneGeom::~PlaneGeom  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void PlaneGeom::Render RenderOptions opt  )  [virtual]

Render the geom (GL).

Reimplemented from Geom.

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