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BaseGeom Class Reference

Base class for GL-renderable geoms. More...

#include <BaseGeom.hh>

Inheritance diagram for BaseGeom:

Geom BoxGeom CylinderGeom DomeGeom FrustrumGeom LightGeom PlaneGeom PrismGeom RayGeom RoadGeom SphereGeom TerrainGeom WheelGeom List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 BaseGeom (dSpaceID spaceId)
virtual ~BaseGeom ()
void SetGeom (Body *body, dGeomID geomId, dMass *mass, bool placeable)
 Set the encapsulated geometry object.
dGeomID GetTransId () const
dGeomID GetGeomId () const
void SetCategoryBits (uint bits)
void SetCollideBits (uint bits)
virtual void SetRelativePose (GzPose pose, bool updateCoM=true)
 Set object pose (relative to body).
virtual GzPose GetRelativePose () const
 Get object pose (relative to body).
GzPose GetPose () const
 Get object pose (global coord).
void SetRelativePosition (GzVector pos)
 Set the relative position (without changing the rotation).
void SetRelativeRotation (GzQuatern rot)
 Set the relative rotation (without changing the position).
void SetHardness (double kp, double kd)
 Set surface hardness parameters for contact joints.
void SetFriction (double mu1, double mu2)
 Set friction coefficients.
void SetBounce (double bounce)
void SetSlip1 (double slip)
void SetSlip2 (double slip)
double GetBounce () const
double GetSlip1 () const
double GetSlip2 () const
void SetMass (double m)
const dMass * GetBodyMassMatrix ()

Public Attributes

bool placeableGeom

Protected Member Functions

void SetExtraRotation (GzQuatern rot)

Protected Attributes

dSpaceID spaceId
dGeomID transId
dGeomID geomId
dMass geomMass
dMass bodyMass


class World

Detailed Description

Base class for GL-renderable geoms.

BaseGeom and Geom are the base classes for all physical geometric objects; BaseGeom encapsulates the mass and collision characteritics, while Geom encapsulated the visual appearance.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BaseGeom::BaseGeom dSpaceID  spaceId  ) 

BaseGeom::~BaseGeom  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void BaseGeom::SetGeom Body body,
dGeomID  geomId,
dMass *  mass,
bool  placeable

Set the encapsulated geometry object.

void BaseGeom::SetExtraRotation GzQuatern  rot  )  [protected]

dGeomID BaseGeom::GetTransId  )  const

dGeomID BaseGeom::GetGeomId  )  const

void BaseGeom::SetCategoryBits uint  bits  ) 

void BaseGeom::SetCollideBits uint  bits  ) 

void BaseGeom::SetRelativePose GzPose  pose,
bool  updateCoM = true

Set object pose (relative to body).

Reimplemented in RayGeom.

GzPose BaseGeom::GetRelativePose  )  const [virtual]

Get object pose (relative to body).

Reimplemented in RayGeom.

GzPose BaseGeom::GetPose  )  const

Get object pose (global coord).

void BaseGeom::SetRelativePosition GzVector  pos  ) 

Set the relative position (without changing the rotation).

void BaseGeom::SetRelativeRotation GzQuatern  rot  ) 

Set the relative rotation (without changing the position).

void BaseGeom::SetHardness double  kp,
double  kd

Set surface hardness parameters for contact joints.

kp Elastic spring constant
kd Damping constant

void BaseGeom::SetFriction double  mu1,
double  mu2

Set friction coefficients.

mu1 Coefficient in direction 1
mu2 Coefficient in direction 2

void BaseGeom::SetBounce double  bounce  ) 

void BaseGeom::SetSlip1 double  slip  ) 

void BaseGeom::SetSlip2 double  slip  ) 

double BaseGeom::GetBounce  )  const

double BaseGeom::GetSlip1  )  const

double BaseGeom::GetSlip2  )  const

void BaseGeom::SetMass double  m  ) 

const dMass * BaseGeom::GetBodyMassMatrix  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class World [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Body* BaseGeom::body

dSpaceID BaseGeom::spaceId [protected]

dGeomID BaseGeom::transId [protected]

dGeomID BaseGeom::geomId [protected]

dMass BaseGeom::geomMass [protected]

dMass BaseGeom::bodyMass [protected]

bool BaseGeom::placeableGeom

ContactParams* BaseGeom::contact [protected]

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