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GazeboClient Class Reference

Gazebo client handler. More...

#include <GazeboClient.hh>

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Static Public Member Functions

static int Init (int serverid, const char *prefixid)
static int Fini ()

Static Public Attributes

static const char * prefixId = ""
 The prefix used for all gazebo ID's.
static gz_client_tclient = NULL
 The one and only gazebo client.
static gz_sim_tsim = NULL

Detailed Description

Gazebo client handler.

This class handles the Gazebo client object, and acts as a shared data-structure for all Gazebo related drivers. Note that there can only be one instance of this class (it is entirely static).

Member Function Documentation

int GazeboClient::Init int  serverid,
const char *  prefixid


int GazeboClient::Fini  )  [static]


Member Data Documentation

const char * GazeboClient::prefixId = "" [static]

The prefix used for all gazebo ID's.

gz_client_t * GazeboClient::client = NULL [static]

The one and only gazebo client.

gz_sim_t * GazeboClient::sim = NULL [static]

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