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FrustrumGeom Class Reference

Geom for camera frustrums. More...

#include <FrustrumGeom.hh>

Inheritance diagram for FrustrumGeom:

Geom BaseGeom List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 FrustrumGeom (Body *body, dSpaceID spaceId, double aspect, double nearClip, double farClip)
virtual ~FrustrumGeom ()
void SetFOV (double fov)
 Set the horizontal field of view.
virtual void Render (RenderOptions *opt)
 Render the geom (GL).

Detailed Description

Geom for camera frustrums.

The frustrum geom is used mainly for debugging purposes, to show a camera field of view. It will also project the camera image back into the world, so that, for example, a GUI camera can see what is visible to a regular camera sensor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FrustrumGeom::FrustrumGeom Body body,
dSpaceID  spaceId,
double  aspect,
double  nearClip,
double  farClip


body Body to which we are attached.
spaceId Collision space to which we belong.
aspect Image aspect ratio (w/h).
nearClip,farClip Distance to the near and far clipping planes (m).

FrustrumGeom::~FrustrumGeom  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void FrustrumGeom::SetFOV double  fov  ) 

Set the horizontal field of view.

void FrustrumGeom::Render RenderOptions opt  )  [virtual]

Render the geom (GL).

Reimplemented from Geom.

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