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Detailed Description

These are internal docs. Don't use these functions in user code. Let us know if there is anything useful here that should be exposed in the external interface.


 Rotated Rectangles
 Matrix occupancy quadtree
 worldfile C wrappers

Data Structures

struct  _stg_model
struct  _stg_world
struct  gui_window_t
struct  stg_cbarg_t
struct  stg_property_toggle_args_t
struct  stg_type_record_t


typedef void(* func_load_t )(struct _stg_model *)
typedef void(* func_save_t )(struct _stg_model *)
typedef int(* func_shutdown_t )(struct _stg_model *)
typedef int(* func_startup_t )(struct _stg_model *)
typedef int(* func_update_t )(struct _stg_model *)


int _model_shutdown (stg_model_t *mod)
int _model_startup (stg_model_t *mod)
int _model_update (stg_model_t *mod)
void gui_add_tree_item (stg_model_t *mod)
void gui_add_view_item (const gchar *name, const gchar *label, const gchar *tooltip, GCallback callback, gboolean is_active, void *userdata)
void gui_load (gui_window_t *win, int section)
void gui_model_create (stg_model_t *model)
void gui_model_destroy (stg_model_t *model)
void gui_model_display_pose (stg_model_t *mod, char *verb)
void gui_model_features (stg_model_t *mod)
void gui_model_geom (stg_model_t *model)
int gui_model_grid (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gui_model_lines (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gui_model_mask (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
void gui_model_mouse (stg_rtk_fig_t *fig, int event, int mode)
int gui_model_move (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
void gui_model_nose (stg_model_t *model)
int gui_model_polygons (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
void gui_poll (void)
void gui_save (gui_window_t *win)
void gui_shutdown (void)
void gui_startup (int *argc, char **argv[])
void gui_window_menus_create (gui_window_t *win)
void gui_window_menus_destroy (gui_window_t *win)
gui_window_tgui_world_create (stg_world_t *world)
void gui_world_destroy (stg_world_t *world)
void gui_world_geom (stg_world_t *world)
int gui_world_update (stg_world_t *world)
void model_change (stg_model_t *mod, void *address)
void model_destroy_cb (gpointer mod)
void model_print_cb (gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user)
void model_update_cb (gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user)
int stg_fig_clear_cb (stg_model_t *mod, char *name, void *data, size_t len, void *userp)
void stg_model_energy_consume (stg_model_t *mod, stg_watts_t rate)
void stg_model_fig_clear (stg_model_t *mod, const char *figname)
stg_rtk_fig_tstg_model_fig_create (stg_model_t *mod, const char *figname, const char *parentname, int layer)
stg_rtk_fig_tstg_model_fig_get_or_create (stg_model_t *mod, const char *figname, const char *parentname, int layer)
stg_rtk_fig_tstg_model_get_fig (stg_model_t *mod, const char *figname)
void stg_model_map (stg_model_t *mod, gboolean render)
void stg_model_map_with_children (stg_model_t *mod, gboolean render)
stg_rtk_fig_tstg_model_prop_fig_create (stg_model_t *mod, stg_rtk_fig_t *array[], stg_id_t propid, stg_rtk_fig_t *parent, int layer)
void stg_model_render_geom (stg_model_t *mod)
void stg_model_render_polygons (stg_model_t *mod)
void stg_model_render_pose (stg_model_t *mod)
int stg_model_update_pose (stg_model_t *model)
void stg_model_update_velocity (stg_model_t *model)
void stg_world_add_model (stg_world_t *world, stg_model_t *mod)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* func_load_t)(struct _stg_model *)

typedef void(* func_save_t)(struct _stg_model *)

typedef int(* func_shutdown_t)(struct _stg_model *)

typedef int(* func_startup_t)(struct _stg_model *)

typedef int(* func_update_t)(struct _stg_model *)

Function Documentation

int _model_shutdown stg_model_t mod  ) 

int _model_startup stg_model_t mod  ) 

int _model_update stg_model_t mod  ) 

void gui_add_tree_item stg_model_t mod  ) 

void gui_add_view_item const gchar *  name,
const gchar *  label,
const gchar *  tooltip,
GCallback  callback,
gboolean  is_active,
void *  userdata

void gui_load gui_window_t win,
int  section

void gui_model_create stg_model_t model  ) 

void gui_model_destroy stg_model_t model  ) 

void gui_model_display_pose stg_model_t mod,
char *  verb

void gui_model_features stg_model_t mod  ) 

void gui_model_geom stg_model_t model  ) 

int gui_model_grid stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gui_model_lines stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gui_model_mask stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

void gui_model_mouse stg_rtk_fig_t fig,
int  event,
int  mode

int gui_model_move stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

move a model's figure to the model's current location

void gui_model_nose stg_model_t model  ) 

int gui_model_polygons stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

void gui_poll void   ) 

void gui_save gui_window_t win  ) 

void gui_shutdown void   ) 

void gui_startup int *  argc,
char **  argv[]

void gui_window_menus_create gui_window_t win  ) 

void gui_window_menus_destroy gui_window_t win  ) 

gui_window_t* gui_world_create stg_world_t world  ) 

void gui_world_destroy stg_world_t world  ) 

void gui_world_geom stg_world_t world  ) 

render the geometry of all models

int gui_world_update stg_world_t world  ) 

void model_change stg_model_t mod,
void *  address

void model_destroy_cb gpointer  mod  ) 

void model_print_cb gpointer  key,
gpointer  value,
gpointer  user

void model_update_cb gpointer  key,
gpointer  value,
gpointer  user

int stg_fig_clear_cb stg_model_t mod,
char *  name,
void *  data,
size_t  len,
void *  userp

void stg_model_energy_consume stg_model_t mod,
stg_watts_t  rate

void stg_model_fig_clear stg_model_t mod,
const char *  figname

stg_rtk_fig_t* stg_model_fig_create stg_model_t mod,
const char *  figname,
const char *  parentname,
int  layer

stg_rtk_fig_t* stg_model_fig_get_or_create stg_model_t mod,
const char *  figname,
const char *  parentname,
int  layer

Get the figure named figname, or, if it doesn't exist, create and return a new figure. A convenience wrapper around stg_model_fig_get() and stg_model_fig_create().

stg_rtk_fig_t* stg_model_get_fig stg_model_t mod,
const char *  figname

void stg_model_map stg_model_t mod,
gboolean  render

void stg_model_map_with_children stg_model_t mod,
gboolean  render

stg_rtk_fig_t* stg_model_prop_fig_create stg_model_t mod,
stg_rtk_fig_t array[],
stg_id_t  propid,
stg_rtk_fig_t parent,
int  layer

void stg_model_render_geom stg_model_t mod  ) 

void stg_model_render_polygons stg_model_t mod  ) 

void stg_model_render_pose stg_model_t mod  ) 

int stg_model_update_pose stg_model_t model  ) 

void stg_model_update_velocity stg_model_t model  ) 

void stg_world_add_model stg_world_t world,
stg_model_t mod

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