Bumper/Whisker model

The bumper model simulates an array of binary touch sensors.

Worldfile properties

Summary and default values
  # bumper properties
  bcount 1
  bpose[0] [ 0 0 0 ]
  blength 0.1

The bumper model allows configuration of the pose and length parameters of each transducer seperately using bpose[index] and blength[index]. For convenience, the length of all bumpers in the array can be set at once with the blength property. If a blength with no index is specified, this global setting is applied first, then specific blengh[index] properties are applied afterwards. Note that the order in the worldfile is ignored.

  • bcount int
    • the number of bumper transducers
  • bpose[<transducer index>] [float float float]
    • [x y theta]
    • pose of the center of the transducer relative to its parent.
  • blength float
    • sets the length in meters of all transducers in the array
  • blength[<transducer index>] float
    • length in meters of a specific transducer. This is applied after the global setting above.

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