Measurement Types
[libstage API reference]

Detailed Description

Basic self-describing measurement types. All packets with real measurements are specified in these terms so changing types here should work throughout the code.

Data Structures

struct  stg_bounds_t
struct  stg_fov_t
struct  stg_geom_t
struct  stg_pose_t
struct  stg_pose_t
struct  stg_ptz_t
struct  stg_size_t


typedef int stg_bool_t
typedef uint32_t stg_color_t
typedef int stg_id_t
typedef double stg_joules_t
typedef double stg_kg_t
typedef double stg_meters_t
typedef unsigned long stg_msec_t
typedef double stg_radians_t
typedef stg_pose_t stg_velocity_t
typedef double stg_watts_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef int stg_bool_t


typedef uint32_t stg_color_t

32-bit ARGB color packed 0xAARRGGBB

typedef int stg_id_t

uniquely identify a model

typedef double stg_joules_t

Joules: unit of energy

typedef double stg_kg_t

Kilograms: unit of mass

typedef double stg_meters_t

Metres: unit of distance

typedef unsigned long stg_msec_t

Milliseconds: unit of (short) time

typedef double stg_radians_t

Radians: unit of angle

typedef stg_pose_t stg_velocity_t

specify a 3 axis velocity in x, y and heading.

typedef double stg_watts_t

Watts: unit of power (energy/time)

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