gnome.c File Reference

#include <libgnomecanvas/libgnomecanvas.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "stage_internal.h"
#include "stage.h"


#define SENSOR_ALPHA   90
#define STG_TO_GNOME_COLOR(COL)   ((COL<<8)+255)


gint acetate_event_callback (GnomeCanvasItem *item, GdkEvent *event, gpointer data)
gint background_event_callback (GnomeCanvasItem *item, GdkEvent *event, gpointer data)
void gc_draw_polygons (GnomeCanvasGroup *grp, stg_polygon_t *polys, size_t polycount, stg_color_t color, int filled)
void gc_grid (GnomeCanvasItem *grp, double ox, double oy, double dx, double dy, double sp, uint32_t color)
int gc_laser_data (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gc_laser_data_clear (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gc_laser_init (stg_model_t *mod)
int gc_model_grid (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gc_model_grid_clear (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
GnomeCanvasItem * gc_model_group_create (stg_model_t *mod, const char *name, const char *parent_name)
void gc_model_group_destroy (stg_model_t *mod, const char *name)
void gc_model_highlight (stg_model_t *mod)
 gc_model_highlight_remove (stg_model_t *mod)
void gc_model_highlight_remove_cb (gpointer data, gpointer user)
int gc_model_init (stg_model_t *mod)
int gc_model_move (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gc_model_polygons (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
void gc_model_select (stg_model_t *mod)
void gc_model_unselect (stg_model_t *mod)
void gc_model_unselect_cb (gpointer data, gpointer user)
void gc_move_model (stg_model_t *mod, GdkEvent *event)
int gc_ranger_data (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gc_ranger_data_clear (stg_model_t *mod, void *userp)
int gc_ranger_init (stg_model_t *mod)
gint model_event_callback (GnomeCanvasItem *item, GdkEvent *event, gpointer data)
void select_if_in_rect (gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data)
void stg_model_draw_clear (stg_model_t *mod, const char *group)

Define Documentation


#define SENSOR_ALPHA   90

#define STG_TO_GNOME_COLOR COL   )     ((COL<<8)+255)

Function Documentation

gint acetate_event_callback GnomeCanvasItem *  item,
GdkEvent *  event,
gpointer  data

gint background_event_callback GnomeCanvasItem *  item,
GdkEvent *  event,
gpointer  data

void gc_draw_polygons GnomeCanvasGroup *  grp,
stg_polygon_t polys,
size_t  polycount,
stg_color_t  color,
int  filled

void gc_grid GnomeCanvasItem *  grp,
double  ox,
double  oy,
double  dx,
double  dy,
double  sp,
uint32_t  color

int gc_laser_data stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gc_laser_data_clear stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gc_laser_init stg_model_t mod  ) 

int gc_model_grid stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gc_model_grid_clear stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

GnomeCanvasItem* gc_model_group_create stg_model_t mod,
const char *  name,
const char *  parent_name

void gc_model_group_destroy stg_model_t mod,
const char *  name

void gc_model_highlight stg_model_t mod  ) 

gc_model_highlight_remove stg_model_t mod  ) 

void gc_model_highlight_remove_cb gpointer  data,
gpointer  user

int gc_model_init stg_model_t mod  ) 

int gc_model_move stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

move a model's figure to the model's current location

int gc_model_polygons stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

void gc_model_select stg_model_t mod  ) 

void gc_model_unselect stg_model_t mod  ) 

void gc_model_unselect_cb gpointer  data,
gpointer  user

void gc_move_model stg_model_t mod,
GdkEvent *  event

int gc_ranger_data stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gc_ranger_data_clear stg_model_t mod,
void *  userp

int gc_ranger_init stg_model_t mod  ) 

gint model_event_callback GnomeCanvasItem *  item,
GdkEvent *  event,
gpointer  data

void select_if_in_rect gpointer  key,
gpointer  value,
gpointer  user_data

void stg_model_draw_clear stg_model_t mod,
const char *  group

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