[libstage - Stage library API]

Detailed Description

Miscellaneous functions that don't fit anywhere else.


Floating point comparisons


const char * stg_version_string (void)
stg_color_t stg_lookup_color (const char *name)
void stg_pose_sum (stg_pose_t *result, stg_pose_t *p1, stg_pose_t *p2)

Function Documentation

const char* stg_version_string void   ) 

Get a string identifying the version of stage. The string is generated by autoconf

stg_color_t stg_lookup_color const char *  name  ) 

Look up the color in the X11 database. (i.e. transform color name to color value). If the color is not found in the database, a bright red color (0xF00) will be returned instead.

void stg_pose_sum stg_pose_t result,
stg_pose_t p1,
stg_pose_t p2

calculate the sum of [p1] and [p2], in [p1]'s coordinate system, and copy the result into result.

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