Stg::OrthoCamera Class Reference

#include <stage.hh>

Inherits Stg::Camera.

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Public Member Functions

void addPitch (float pitch)
void addYaw (float yaw)
virtual void Draw () const
void Load (Worldfile *wf, int sec)
void move (float x, float y)
 OrthoCamera (void)
void reset (void)
void Save (Worldfile *wf, int sec)
float scale () const
void scale (float scale, float shift_x=0, float h=0, float shift_y=0, float w=0)
void setPitch (float pitch)
void setPose (float x, float y)
virtual void SetProjection (void) const
virtual void SetProjection (float pixels_width, float pixels_height, float y_min, float y_max)
void setScale (float scale)
void setYaw (float yaw)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Stg::OrthoCamera::OrthoCamera ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void Stg::OrthoCamera::addPitch ( float  pitch  )  [inline]
void Stg::OrthoCamera::addYaw ( float  yaw  )  [inline]
void OrthoCamera::Draw ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements Stg::Camera.

void OrthoCamera::Load ( Worldfile wf,
int  sec 
) [virtual]

Implements Stg::Camera.

void OrthoCamera::move ( float  x,
float  y 
void Stg::OrthoCamera::reset ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Implements Stg::Camera.

void OrthoCamera::Save ( Worldfile wf,
int  sec 
float Stg::OrthoCamera::scale (  )  const [inline]
void OrthoCamera::scale ( float  scale,
float  shift_x = 0,
float  h = 0,
float  shift_y = 0,
float  w = 0 
void Stg::OrthoCamera::setPitch ( float  pitch  )  [inline]
void Stg::OrthoCamera::setPose ( float  x,
float  y 
) [inline]
void OrthoCamera::SetProjection ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements Stg::Camera.

void OrthoCamera::SetProjection ( float  pixels_width,
float  pixels_height,
float  y_min,
float  y_max 
) [virtual]
void Stg::OrthoCamera::setScale ( float  scale  )  [inline]
void Stg::OrthoCamera::setYaw ( float  yaw  )  [inline]

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