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player_device_req Struct Reference

#include <player.h>

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Detailed Description

Configuration request: Get device access.

This is the most important request! Before interacting with a device, the client must request appropriate access.

The access codes, which are used in both the request and response, are given above. Read access means that the server will start sending data from the specified device. For instance, if read access is obtained for the sonar device Player will start sending sonar data to the client. Write access means that the client has permission to control the actuators of the device. There is no locking mechanism so different clients can have concurrent write access to the same actuators. All access is both of the above and finally close means that there is no longer any access to the device. Device request messages can be sent at any time, providing on the fly reconfiguration for clients that need different devices depending on the task at hand.

Of course, not all of the access codes are applicable to all devices; for instance it does not make sense to write to the sonars. However, a request for such access will not generate an error; rather, it will be granted, but any commands actually sent to that device will be ignored. In response to such a device request, the server will send a reply indicating the actual access that was granted for the device. The granted access may be different from the requested access; in particular, if there was some error in initializing the device the granted access will be error, and the client should not try to read from or write to the device.

Public Attributes

uint16_t subtype
uint16_t code
uint16_t index
uint8_t access

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t player_device_req::subtype

Subtype; must be PLAYER_PLAYER_DEV_REQ

uint16_t player_device_req::code

The interface for the device

uint16_t player_device_req::index

The index for the device

uint8_t player_device_req::access

The requested access

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