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CMVision Class Reference

#include <cmvision.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CMVision ()
 ~CMVision ()
bool initialize (int nwidth, int nheight)
bool loadOptions (char *filename)
bool saveOptions (char *filename)
bool enable (unsigned opt)
bool disable (unsigned opt)
void close ()
bool testClassify (rgb *restrict out, image_pixel *restrict image)
bool getThreshold (int color, int &y_low, int &y_high, int &u_low, int &u_high, int &v_low, int &v_high)
bool setThreshold (int color, int y_low, int y_high, int u_low, int u_high, int v_low, int v_high)
unsigned * getMap ()
char * getColorName (int color)
rgb getColorVisual (int color)
color_infogetColorInfo (int color)
void getColorInfo (int color, color_info &info)
void setColorInfo (int color, color_info &info)
bool processFrame (image_pixel *image)
bool processFrame (unsigned *map)
int numRegions (int color_id)
regiongetRegions (int color_id)

Protected Member Functions

void classifyFrame (image_pixel *restrict img, unsigned *restrict map)
int encodeRuns (rle *restrict out, unsigned *restrict map)
void connectComponents (rle *restrict map, int num)
int extractRegions (region *restrict reg, rle *restrict rmap, int num)
void calcAverageColors (region *restrict reg, int num_reg, image_pixel *restrict img, rle *restrict rmap, int num_runs)
int separateRegions (region *restrict reg, int num)
regionsortRegionListByArea (region *restrict list, int passes)
void sortRegions (int max_area)
int mergeRegions (region *p, int num, double density_thresh)
int mergeRegions ()
void clear ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned y_class [CMV_COLOR_LEVELS]
unsigned u_class [CMV_COLOR_LEVELS]
unsigned v_class [CMV_COLOR_LEVELS]
region region_table [CMV_MAX_REGIONS]
regionregion_list [CMV_MAX_COLORS]
int region_count [CMV_MAX_COLORS]
rle rmap [CMV_MAX_RUNS]
color_info colors [CMV_MAX_COLORS]
int width
int height
unsigned * map
unsigned options

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CMVision::CMVision  )  [inline]

CMVision::~CMVision  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void CMVision::classifyFrame image_pixel *restrict  img,
unsigned *restrict  map

int CMVision::encodeRuns rle *restrict  out,
unsigned *restrict  map

void CMVision::connectComponents rle *restrict  map,
int  num

int CMVision::extractRegions region *restrict  reg,
rle *restrict  rmap,
int  num

void CMVision::calcAverageColors region *restrict  reg,
int  num_reg,
image_pixel *restrict  img,
rle *restrict  rmap,
int  num_runs

int CMVision::separateRegions region *restrict  reg,
int  num

CMVision::region * CMVision::sortRegionListByArea region *restrict  list,
int  passes

void CMVision::sortRegions int  max_area  )  [protected]

int CMVision::mergeRegions region p,
int  num,
double  density_thresh

int CMVision::mergeRegions  )  [protected]

void CMVision::clear  )  [protected]

bool CMVision::initialize int  nwidth,
int  nheight

bool CMVision::loadOptions char *  filename  ) 

bool CMVision::saveOptions char *  filename  ) 

bool CMVision::enable unsigned  opt  ) 

bool CMVision::disable unsigned  opt  ) 

void CMVision::close  ) 

bool CMVision::testClassify rgb *restrict  out,
image_pixel *restrict  image

bool CMVision::getThreshold int  color,
int &  y_low,
int &  y_high,
int &  u_low,
int &  u_high,
int &  v_low,
int &  v_high

bool CMVision::setThreshold int  color,
int  y_low,
int  y_high,
int  u_low,
int  u_high,
int  v_low,
int  v_high

unsigned* CMVision::getMap  )  [inline]

char* CMVision::getColorName int  color  )  [inline]

rgb CMVision::getColorVisual int  color  )  [inline]

color_info* CMVision::getColorInfo int  color  )  [inline]

void CMVision::getColorInfo int  color,
color_info info

void CMVision::setColorInfo int  color,
color_info info

bool CMVision::processFrame image_pixel image  ) 

bool CMVision::processFrame unsigned *  map  ) 

int CMVision::numRegions int  color_id  ) 

CMVision::region * CMVision::getRegions int  color_id  ) 

Member Data Documentation

unsigned CMVision::y_class[CMV_COLOR_LEVELS] [protected]

unsigned CMVision::u_class[CMV_COLOR_LEVELS] [protected]

unsigned CMVision::v_class[CMV_COLOR_LEVELS] [protected]

region CMVision::region_table[CMV_MAX_REGIONS] [protected]

region* CMVision::region_list[CMV_MAX_COLORS] [protected]

int CMVision::region_count[CMV_MAX_COLORS] [protected]

rle CMVision::rmap[CMV_MAX_RUNS] [protected]

color_info CMVision::colors[CMV_MAX_COLORS] [protected]

int CMVision::width [protected]

int CMVision::height [protected]

unsigned* CMVision::map [protected]

unsigned CMVision::options [protected]

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