Detailed Description

Classes to manage the OpenGL Rendering via Ogre.


class  OgreAdaptor
 Adptor to Ogre3d. More...
class  OgreCreator
 Functions that creates Ogre3d objects. More...
class  OgreDynamicLines
 Class for drawing lines. More...
class  OgreDynamicRenderable
 Abstract base class providing mechanisms for dynamically growing hardware buffers. More...
class  OgreHUD
 The Heads Up Display. More...
class  OgreSimpleShape
 Class used to render simple shapes. More...


virtual ~OgreCreator ()
static void CreateBasicShapes ()
 Create some simple general shapes.
static OgreVisual * CreatePlane (XMLConfigNode *node, Entity *parent)
 Helper function to create a Plane.
static void CreateLight (XMLConfigNode *node, Entity *entity)
 Create a light source and attach it to the entity.
static Ogre::Camera * CreateCamera (const std::string &name, double nearClip, double farClip, double hfov, Ogre::RenderTarget *renderTarget)
 Helper function to create a camera.
static void CreateFog (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Helper function to create fog.
static void SaveFog (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Helper function to save the fog settings.
static void CreateSky (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Helper function to create the sky.
static void DrawGrid ()

Last updated Aug 04 2007