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ShaderProgram Class Reference

#include <ShaderProgram.hh>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  ShaderProgramType { VERTEX, FRAGMENT }

Public Member Functions

 ShaderProgram (ShaderProgramType type)
virtual ~ShaderProgram ()
bool LoadFromFile (const char *filename)
bool LoadFromMemory (const char *program)
char * GetCompilerLog ()
GLhandleARB GetProgramObject ()
bool IsCompiled ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ShaderProgram::ShaderProgramType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ShaderProgram::ShaderProgram ShaderProgramType  type  ) 

ShaderProgram::~ShaderProgram  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool ShaderProgram::LoadFromFile const char *  filename  ) 

bool ShaderProgram::LoadFromMemory const char *  program  ) 

char * ShaderProgram::GetCompilerLog  ) 

GLhandleARB ShaderProgram::GetProgramObject  )  [inline]

bool ShaderProgram::IsCompiled  ) 

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