stg_energy_config_t Struct Reference
[libstage - Stage library API]

#include <stage.h>

Detailed Description

energy config packet (use this to set or get energy configuration)

Data Fields

stg_joules_t capacity
stg_watts_t give
stg_watts_t take
stg_meters_t probe_range

Field Documentation

stg_joules_t stg_energy_config_t::capacity

maximum storage capacity

stg_watts_t stg_energy_config_t::give

when charging another device, supply this many joules/sec at most

stg_watts_t stg_energy_config_t::take

when charging from another device, receive this many joules/sec at most

stg_meters_t stg_energy_config_t::probe_range

length of the charging probe

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