Rotated Rectangles
[Internals - not intended for the libstage end user]

Data Structures

struct  stg_rotrect_t


void stg_rotrects_normalize (stg_rotrect_t *rects, int num)
int stg_rotrects_from_image_file (const char *filename, stg_rotrect_t **rects, int *rect_count, int *widthp, int *heightp)
stg_polygon_tstg_polygons_from_rotrects (stg_rotrect_t *rects, size_t count)

Function Documentation

void stg_rotrects_normalize stg_rotrect_t rects,
int  num

normalizes the set [rects] of [num] rectangles, so that they fit exactly in a unit square.

int stg_rotrects_from_image_file const char *  filename,
stg_rotrect_t **  rects,
int *  rect_count,
int *  widthp,
int *  heightp

load the image file [filename] and convert it to an array of rectangles, filling in the number of rects, width and height. Memory is allocated for the rectangle array [rects], so the caller must free [rects].

stg_polygon_t* stg_polygons_from_rotrects stg_rotrect_t rects,
size_t  count

converts an array of rectangles into an array of polygons

load [filename], an image format understood by gdk-pixbuf, and return a set of rectangles that approximate the image. Caller must free the array of rectangles. If width and height are non-null, they are filled in with the size of the image in pixels

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