Ptz model

The ptz model simulates a pan-tilt-zoom camera head.

Worldfile properties

Summary and default values
  # ptz properties
  ptz[0 0 60.0]
  ptz_speed[ 1.0 0.0 0.3]

  # model properties
  size [0.1 0.1]
  color "navy blue"
  watts 1.0

  • ptz [float float float]
    • [pan_angle tilt_angle zoom_angle]
    • control the pan, tilt and zoom angles and thus the field of view (fov) of the device. Tilt angle has no effect.
  • ptz_speed [float float float]
    • [pan_speed tilt_speed zoom_speed]
    • Controls the speed at which the device servos to the desired angles, in radians per second.

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