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Map Reference ICP.

This is a Map Reference ICP plugin Driver for real time Map building and Localization using Iterative Closest Point laser scan matching and odom correction. Currently The driver is in stable release stage, more modifications might be added later on.

This driver is created to support UTS CAS mobile Platforms. This driver can be quite usefull in a lot of applications where odom correction or matching laser scans is essential. I would appreciate any feedback and recommendations that can lead to improving the performance of this driver.

Compile-time dependencies

The MRICP driver provides the following device interfaces, some of them named:


-laser position2d

Configuration requests
Configuration file options

Please note that when you are using multiple lasers, an interface key should be used. For instance if you are using 3 lasers then you should use the keys laser0 laser1 and laser2 infront of the laser interface you are planning to use. The requires section will look similar to this: requires ["position2d:0" "laser0:::laser:0" "laser1:::laser:2" "laser2:::laser:4"] don't confuse the interface key "laserx" with the actual interface:index "laser:y"

  name "mricp"
  provides ["position2d:1" "map:0"]
  requires ["position2d:0" "laser0:::laser:0" "laser1:::laser:2"]
  number_of_lasers 2
  laser0_ranges [-120 20] [40 120]
  laser1_ranges [-120 -30] [30 120]
  playerv_debug 0
  period 0.2
  MAXR 3.9
  MINR 0.05
  map_resolution 0.05
  map_saving_period 5
  map_size 10
  use_max_range 4
  sparse_scans_rate 3
  map_path "logs/"
  debug 0
  warning 1
  alwayson 1
  log 1

Tarek Taha - Centre of Autonomous Systems - University of Technology Sydney