ActivMedia color tracking system. More...

ActivMedia color tracking system.

This driver is currently disabled because it needs to be updated to the Player 2.0 API.

ACTS is a fast color segmentation system written by Paul Rybski and sold by ActivMedia. After training, ACTS finds colored blobs in a single camera image. Player's acts driver starts and controls ACTS, which must already be installed and trained.

The acts driver supports ACTS versions 1.0, 1.2, and 2.0.

PXC200 framegrabbers, when accessed through the bttv module, may cause the machine to hang. A workaround is to first read a frame from a framegrabber channel on which there is no video signal, and then start reading from the right channel. (This problem is unrelated to Player's acts driver).

Compile-time dependencies
Configuration requests
Configuration file options

In the list below, a default value of (none) indicates that the associated option will not be passed to ACTS. As a result, ACTS's own internal default for that parameter will be used. Consult the ACTS manual to determine what those defaults are.

  name "acts"
  provides ["blobfinder:0"]
  configfile "/tmp/myactsconfig"
Brian Gerkey