Quatern Class Reference

#include <Quatern.hh>

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Detailed Description

A quaternion class

Public Member Functions

 Quatern ()
 Quatern (const double &u, const double &x, const double &y, const double &z)
 Quatern (const Quatern &qt)
 ~Quatern ()
const Quaternoperator= (const Quatern &qt)
void Invert ()
Quatern GetInverse () const
void SetToIdentity ()
void Normalize ()
void SetFromAxis (double x, double y, double z, double a)
void SetFromEuler (const Vector3 &vec)
Vector3 GetAsEuler ()
double GetRoll ()
double GetPitch ()
double GetYaw ()
Quatern GetAsAxis ()
void Scale (double scale)
Quatern operator * (const Quatern &qt) const
bool IsFinite () const

Public Attributes

double u
double x
double y
double z


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const gazebo::Quatern &q)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Quatern (  ) 

Default Constructor

Quatern ( const double &  u,
const double &  x,
const double &  y,
const double &  z 


u U param
x X param
y Y param
z Z param

Quatern ( const Quatern qt  ) 

Copy constructor

qt Quatern to copy

~Quatern (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

const Quatern& operator= ( const Quatern qt  ) 

Equal operator

qt Quatern to copy

void Invert (  ) 

Invert the quaternion

Quatern GetInverse (  )  const

Get the inverse of this quaternion

Inverse quarenion

void SetToIdentity (  ) 

Set the quatern to the identity

void Normalize (  ) 

Normalize the quaternion

void SetFromAxis ( double  x,
double  y,
double  z,
double  a 

Set the quaternion from an axis and angle

x X axis
y Y axis
z Z axis
a Angle in radians

void SetFromEuler ( const Vector3 vec  ) 

Set the quaternion from Euler angles

vec Euler angle

Vector3 GetAsEuler (  ) 

Return the rotation in Euler angles

This quaternion as an Euler vector

double GetRoll (  ) 

Get the Euler roll angle in radians

double GetPitch (  ) 

Get the Euler pitch angle in radians

double GetYaw (  ) 

Get the Euler yaw angle in radians

Quatern GetAsAxis (  ) 

Return rotation as axis and angle (x, y, y, rotation)

This quaternion as an axis-angle

void Scale ( double  scale  ) 

Scale a Quaternion

scale Amount to scale this rotation

Quatern operator * ( const Quatern qt  )  const

Multiplication operator

qt Quatern for multiplication
This quatern multiplied by the parameter

bool IsFinite (  )  const

See if a quatern is finite (e.g., not nan)

True if quatern is finite

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const gazebo::Quatern q 
) [friend]

Ostream operator

out Ostream
q Quatern to output
The ostream

Member Data Documentation

double u

Attributes of the quaternion

double x

Attributes of the quaternion

double y

Attributes of the quaternion

double z

Attributes of the quaternion

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