OgreAdaptor Class Reference

#include <OgreAdaptor.hh>

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Detailed Description

Adptor to Ogre3d

Public Member Functions

void Init (XMLConfigNode *node)
void Init (Display *display, XVisualInfo *visual, Window windowId, int width, int height)
int Render ()
void CreateLight (XMLConfigNode *node, Entity *entity)
void SetSceneNodePose (Ogre::SceneNode *node, const Pose3d &pose)
void SetSceneNodePosition (Ogre::SceneNode *node, const Vector3 &pos)
void SetSceneNodeRotation (Ogre::SceneNode *node, const Quatern &rot)
Ogre::Camera * CreateCamera (const std::string &name, double nearClip, double farClip, Ogre::RenderTarget *renderTarget)
void ResizeWindow (unsigned int w, unsigned int h)

Public Attributes

Ogre::Root * root
Ogre::SceneManager * sceneMgr
Ogre::RenderWindow * window
Ogre::Camera * camera
Ogre::Viewport * viewport
Ogre::InputReader * inputDevice

Member Function Documentation

void Init ( XMLConfigNode node  ) 

Default initialization. Let OGRE create the window and rendering context

void Init ( Display *  display,
XVisualInfo *  visual,
Window  windowId,
int  width,
int  height 

Initialize Ogre Rendering engine

int Render (  ) 

Render a single frame

void CreateLight ( XMLConfigNode node,
Entity entity 

Create a light source and attach it to the entity

void SetSceneNodePose ( Ogre::SceneNode *  node,
const Pose3d pose 

Use this function to set the pose of a scene node

void SetSceneNodePosition ( Ogre::SceneNode *  node,
const Vector3 pos 

Use this function to set the position of a scene node

void SetSceneNodeRotation ( Ogre::SceneNode *  node,
const Quatern rot 

Use this function to set the rotation of a scene node

Ogre::Camera* CreateCamera ( const std::string &  name,
double  nearClip,
double  farClip,
Ogre::RenderTarget *  renderTarget 

Helper function to create a camera

void ResizeWindow ( unsigned int  w,
unsigned int  h 

Resize the rendering window

Member Data Documentation

Ogre::Root* root

Pointer to the root scene node

Ogre::SceneManager* sceneMgr

Pointer to the scene manager

Ogre::RenderWindow* window

Pointer to the render window

Ogre::Camera* camera

Pointer to the camera

Ogre::Viewport* viewport

Pointer to the viewport

Ogre::InputReader* inputDevice

Pointer to the input reader

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