Iface Class Reference

#include <gazebo.h>

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ActarrayIface CameraIface FactoryIface FiducialIface Graphics3dIface GripperIface LaserIface PositionIface SimulationIface

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Detailed Description

Base class for all interfaces

Public Member Functions

 Iface (const std::string &type, size_t size)
virtual ~Iface ()
virtual void Create (Server *server, std::string id)
void Create (Server *server, std::string id, const std::string &modelType, int modelId, int parentModelId)
void Destroy ()
virtual void Open (Client *client, std::string id)
virtual void Close ()
int Lock (int blocking)
int Unlock ()
void Post ()
std::string GetType () const

Public Attributes

 The server we are associated with.
 The client we are associated with.
int mmapFd
 File descriptor for the mmap file.
void * mMap
 Pointer to the mmap'ed mem.
std::string filename
 The name of the file we created/opened.
int version
 Interface version number.
size_t size
 Allocation size.
std::string modelType
 Type of model that owns this interface.
int modelId
 ID of the model that owns this interface.
int parentModelId
 ID of the parent model.
bool opened
 True if opened.

Protected Attributes

std::string type
 type of interface

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Iface ( const std::string &  type,
size_t  size 

Create an interface

type Type of interface
size Size of the interface in bytes

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